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Facility Software & Hardware

Barcode printers and scanners are effective tools which seamlessly integrate into the facility’s operations. This user-friendly equipment is used to track each time cannabis plants move from one location to another and record every time the inventory and biproducts go through another stage of their life-cycles (i.e. when buds are separated from branches, buds before and after drying/curing)

Custom 3rd party software is needed for creating employee profiles, managing physical access permissions & restrictions, recording seeding and harvest data, inventory tracking and more. This software serves as an operational facility tool, and also a highly important regulatory compliance tool. It easily outputs 1-click reporting to satisfy government requirements for any given time period and additionally organizes the facility’s data in a format compatible with Farm Boys’ intelligent crop-planning algorithm software – a critical process for increasing yields and crop turnover speed. This software is developed by a Canadian company who currently works with over 70% of existing licensed growers. In our opinion, the best available option by far.

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