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Cannabis Processing Facility

Cannabis processing area/building
Beyond the AeroPod grow rooms, Farm boys can design and build fully functional processing capacity for any size of facility. This means once live crops are harvested from the AeroPods, whole plants are brought to this area and processed into fully finished dried cannabis ready for sale in vacuum sealed packaging. The building is designed using an insulated modular exterior wall system, sufficient for even the harshest climates, and a completely finished modern interior.

The processing equipment itself is critical to operating a successful facility and avoiding production bottlenecks. Because it is so important, Farm Boys has vetted and selected the absolute best vendors from each type of required equipment. All the chosen equipment is made in either Canada or U.S.A. and comes with excellent warranty coverage and a proven track in licenced facilities.

Contact us to learn more about the equipment suppliers we believe in so strongly. These are passionate people, great at what they do, and we’re happy to connect you directly with them should you desire.

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