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Agronomy & Crop Strategy

Initial plans
Located at the University of Saskatchewan, highly skilled plant-scientists, agronomists and horticulturists from Farm Boys work with our clients to build comprehensive initial growing plans. These plans include specific recommendations of cannabis strains as well as a full schedule of customized settings programmed into the facility’s automation software, Command, for controlling daylight timing, water chemistry (pH, temp, nutrients, flow), air parameters (humidity, temp, movement, exchange, CO2 levels). The growing plan is designed to accomplish the goals and targets initially set out in the business plan.

Next level strategy & planning
Full data sets are captured and stored representing all the physical conditions and actions taken throughout each crop-cycle. Performance reports can then be created, and data can be entered into Farm Boys’ proprietary intelligent crop-planning algorithm software. This program, along with oversight from our researchers, generates specific recommendations for improvement on each upcoming crop cycle. With laser focus, the team works on decreasing crop-cycle times, increasing yields and optimizing plant composition through genetic selection and environmental controls – all based on the specific company goals.
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