Command Automation

Automated ecosystems designed by you

Easy to use
Command was designed with one main goal in mind – to make the AeroPod easy to use. Anyone who can use the basic functions of a smartphone will need very little or no training at all.

Full control at your fingertips
For AeroPod farmers, there’s no more need for the stress-inducing experience of watching upcoming weather forecasts. In a few clicks, farmers can design their own rain and pre-set weather & daylight schedules for any period of time.

Water: pH & nutrients, temperature, flow, rain-cycles

Air: temperature, humidity, movement, exchange & filtration, CO2, O2, VPD

Light: intensity, spectrum, daylight cycles

Expert advice
For anyone who could use a little help choosing the best settings, Farm Boys can help with that too. Our team of plant-scientists can guide you through the process specifically based on what you’re growing and your unique goals.

Smarter all the time
One of the best things about Command is the more you use it, the smarter it gets. Often referred to as machine learning, Command will find correlations between the specific environmental settings that were used and the resulting harvest data such as grow-speed, yields and plant composition. After enough crop-cycles are completed with humans choosing the settings, Command begins to make better recommendations for adjustments than any human possibly could. We look at it as semi-automated science – where humans oversee everything, while computers do the vast majority of the work.