Aeroponic Technology

Seed, harvest, be amazed, repeat
AeroPod’s revolutionary aeroponic equipment is the result of a joint project between Disney’s Epcot Center and NASA. After many years of trial and error and hundreds of iterations, they emerged with a technology that consistently records the fastest grow-times and highest yields known to humankind.

Rain perfected
Nutrient rich pH balanced water rains directly onto each plant’s roots. Frequency & duration of rains-cycles and water chemistry are set and recorded from AeroPod’s control room.


Share the wealth
Pre-treated water travels up the center column and gently rains down. The water travels specific paths designed to guarantee equal moisture and nutrient delivery to every plant.


Lose the dirt
Our design team always envisioned a clean low–maintenance system; this vision resulted in choosing soilless aeroponic equipment to house the plants. Dirt and other mediums lead to uneven nutrient-delivery to roots, and also provide a comfortable home for bugs and other unwanted particles like moulds.