About Us

Our mission is to enable people to grow fresh healthy foods, but without the stress and lack of predictability that typically come with farming.  We believe everyone deserves reliable access to high-quality foods - so, AeroPod was designed to enable exactly that, anywhere on the planet. 

Farm Boys is an engineering and design focused company and we work to design and build the best and most reliable growing systems imaginable.  We respect the scientific approach to design and recognize the importance of listening to contributions from people with many different kinds of knowledge and experience. This is why our design process has always included input from a diverse set of group experts including engineers, agronomists and computer scientists. 

Three of the four company founders were born and raised in rural Saskatchewan; the fourth is from one province over, Alberta.   Growing up in these regions provided a front-row seat to the realities of farming, and how difficult it really is.  This understanding leads to the original vision of enabling a new kind of engineered-farming.