Sustainable. Organic. Automated.

Scale your operations up or down with ease and grow different foods or cannabis strains in each AeroPod with customized environments to suit. This comprehensive system consistently produces high-yielding 100% organic crops anywhere on the planet.


Automated ecosystems. Designed by you

The ultimate growing tool, Command gives its users the ability to fully design customized ecosystems of their dreams. Just imagine the perfect physical environment for your plants to live and grow in – imagine having the ability to custom-design weather conditions and water composition to give your plants the best possible chance at achieving their maximum potential.

Aeroponic Technolgy

Seed. Harvest. Be amazed. Repeat 

A Study at the University of Mississippi found the aeroponic process can grow 30% more food up to 3 times faster than traditional methods, using a fraction of the water and land. Hanging in vertical towers, plant are showered with a natural nutrient solution that encourages rapid, healthy growth. In just a few weeks after planting, crops are ready to harvest.

4 ways AeroPod technology is Earth Frien