Grow fresh crops anywhere on earth.
The weather outside can do whatever it wants.

Our vision has always been to design completely customizable in-door ecosystems for efficiently producing fresh crops anywhere on earth. To take a thousands-of-years-old practice that changed humanity forever and bring it into the new age of automation and machine learning. With the launch of AeroPod, that vision is now a reality – say hello to space-age farming.


Sustainable. Organic. Automated.

What would it look like if uncertainty could be removed from producing fresh crops? Farmers would need to have the power to make their own weather. They’d need to be able to tell the sun when to rise and set. They’d certainly want to design their own rain, containing precisely the best nutrients for their crops – oh, and they’d also want to tell the rain when to fall and when to hold off. In other words, they’d need magical powers… or an AeroPod.

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Automated ecosystems designed by you

The user interface (aka: Command) takes all AeroPod’s complex inner workings and presents growers with only the important stuff you need to know about, and no more. Simplicity is powerful – and we’ve designed this part of the experience to be as intuitive and seamless as your favourite smart phone.

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Aeroponic Technolgy

Seed, harvest, be amazed, repeat

A Study at the University of Mississippi found the aeroponic process can grow 30% more food up to 3 times faster than traditional methods, using a fraction of the water and land.

Hanging in vertical towers, plant are showered with nutrient rich water that supports rapid, healthy growth. Just a few weeks after planting, crops are ready for harvest.

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About Us

Research & development is at the core of our company’s identity. We remain in constant pursuit of any way to improve AeroPod’s automation and ease-of-use. Headquartered at the University of Saskatchewan, agricultural science and engineering are at the root of everything we do.

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